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December 31, 2006


Dear Scarlet Knitter, This is just beautiful! I love everything about it. What a treat to see, thank you! I marvel at your speed and excellence. Thanks for being such an inspiration. Best wishes in 2007! Karen

Oh....this is *exquisite*!!
You have outdone yourself. What a perfect capper to the year.

That's gorgeous, Laura, quite an accomplishment! Happy New Year!

bravo Laura, il est magnifique - et peut etre une question de laine, il me semble plus contrasté que le mien et d'autant plus joli

j'ai eu votre mail - merci beaucoup pour le lien chez moi ;-)

il vous reste a attaquer le great american afghan, non ? lol

bonne année a vous



Magnifique!!! It takes my breath away. I am so wanting to follow your example of excellence and productivity.

Wow, is that every gorgeous! I can't believe you knit it flat.

What a gorgeous blanket!!

Laura - just caught up on digests and discovered your blog. I love this blanket!!! It's perfect.

Amazing beauty and craftmanship. Congratulations, and 'Brava!' for taking on the challenge.

Wow! Stunning. Fabulous. Gorgeous. Yummy! Well done.

absolutely beautiful!

My kids and I can't believe how intricate this project ir.

Oh My God! is all I can say.

I came across your red and white blanket while I was trying find Marie Claire Idees Dec 2004 issue. I just love this and want to do it but have no idea how to get hold of a copy of this issue. Anyway, your blanket looks great. You must be proud of it.


Sigh... I, too, am looking for a copy of the magazine but cannot find it anywhere. (If you ever want to sell yours... ;) ) Your blanket is gorgeous and I love it!!


Hi! I love your blanket.I can't stop thinking about it. I want do it (with mum's help) Can you send me the patter to email?
Please, please, please

I would LOVE to have this pattern! I cannot seem to track down this issue. Would you share the pattern?
It would greatly appericated :c)

(On knees begging)

If you are still willing to give out this pattern that would truly be Great!

I remember this blanket, wanted to do it badly this year... I had a copy of Marie Claire Idees, but it's 3000 miles away from me now... :( Wish I could grab a hold on the patterns somehow, finding them online seems undoable!

I fell in love at the first time I saw the picture of this blanket at ravelry website. Then I'm searching the pattern for this blanket at ebay.com, canada, french, but no one has the no. 55 edition. Then I found your blog. Is there any chance you share the pattern with me? I would be very very happy....

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