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November 24, 2009


I just picked up six skeins of the Noro on Saturday thinking I would make that scarf on Ravelry--Modern Quilt Wrap. I love the way the color plays across the fabric. But then I thought maybe I would get more use out of a sweater on the order of Lastrada... I am interested in what you plan.
I also have Summer Solstice by Heidi Kirrmaier on my list and the yarn you are playing with looks like it would be perfect for that. How interesting that we are thinking along parellel lines.

Ha, me too. Two baskets full of #84 and still have not turned them into a garment. I love that colourway!

I have a basket full of silk garden lite (14 skeins) that have been awaiting their turn as a Lady Eleanor, but I have been rethinking that in a not giving it much thought at all sort of way (as I bought for it specifically at least two possible three years ago and there it sits).

When in CA in October, I went to Unwind (in Burbank, I think) and discovered Noro Taiyo. Delicious cotton blend that is destined to become a simple, but big as I can make it, drawstring bag. I am saving the cast on for xmas morning.

Patiently awaiting your Noro revelation.

Thanks for the tip about the Palindrome scarf in your earlier post. What a nice knit. And I used yarn bought on impulse that couldn't have been anything else -

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