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November 25, 2015


Yes, I miss the blog era as well. I could sit and knit and read. On Rav it's scrolling so no knitting.

Lovely scarf. Great seeing you here.

IT makes me sad that so many are leaving blogland for the quick fix of Twitter and Instagram. I am so old fashioned I refuse to leave! SO glad to hear from you and to see that amazing scarf. Happy Thanksgiving.

So glad to see an update of your always creative, colorful, lovely work. Thankful for our knitting moments together whether in realtime or reading your blog.

Waving back! We all missed you...

So happy to see your blog post. I've been missing reading you. You look wonderful. I hope the family is well and all together. I'd love to hear if anyone is still on the east coast. Happy, happy and healthy Thanksgiving to you and your family... Lisa

I agree, and often long for the olden days of blogging. Those days when there were only a few thousand knitters who knew how to internet, when a photo of a newly finished item gained hundreds of <3's. {sigh} I enjoy seeing your posts on IG, Laura, but blogging is always better.
Now here's a coincidence--many years ago, when blogging was in its heyday, I visited Loop in Philadelphia. The one item that has stuck in my memory of that trip is the garter stitch scarf that was displayed in the shop. I liked it so well that I took photos of it, planning to decode the pattern and knit one like it. Nice to see the pattern is available after all. Nicer still, to think that the scarf I held in my hand that day was from the same pattern as your new scarf. Nicely done!

It's a lovely scarf. And, I agree, sophisticated. I too miss the chattier posts we get with blogs. I also enjoy the little slices of life that seem to always insert themselves. Photos are wonderful, but I cherish words too.

Good to have you blogging again. I still get lots of blog feeds from Feedly. I haven't lost sight of you on Instagram, and facebook. I finished my umteenth Pipit linen sweater and am now doing mindless cotton neon colored dishcloths. So easy that I can knit while watching TV or even with my eyes closed.

I am so delighted to have my compulsory checking of your blog rewarded with new posts! I have missed you dear friend!! And I am doubly glad to see I am not alone in having missed you!!! Glad you are back at it...

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