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April 28, 2016


Now isn't this perfect advice. May I add that one should immediately upon finishing, put your project in your Ravelry log. I spent all day today catching up my project log with FOs..very tedious. But in the end it is pleasing to be over 46,000 yards. I still have a few sweaters to add once someone will take a decent picture so I don't have to stand in front of the dang mirror or do a selfie.

I understand the socks you had to do. I found myself at the end of a FO spree with NOTHING on the needles. I felt like a drug addict needing a fix!

I must be stupid because I can't figure out how to search your blog. I know you love Miss Babs as do many other knitters. I have not seen the yarn in person but the website fails to convince me that the yarn is anything special. Would you mind a post on the glory of Miss Babs?

I am so happy to see your increased frequency in posting! I have been in a streak of Garter that has been divine, and it has married itself to a streak of magic ball knitting. I think I am going to combine one step further and take inspiration from your Stonington to make one in a magic ball version. Cheers!

I just realized that you are in the almost 150,000 yards category on rav. I think I am up to date at about 50,000 yards now unless I dig out more things I've forgotten. I do enjoy your setting goals for me.

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